[erlang-questions] otp edit-compile-test?

Magnus Henoch magnus@REDACTED
Thu Sep 7 18:41:20 CEST 2017

Daniel Goertzen <daniel.goertzen@REDACTED> writes:

> I am doing some dev on the public_key app and am struggling to 
> find a fast edit-compile-test cycle.  I have this ( 
> https://github.com/erlang/otp/wiki/Running-tests)... but it is 
> slow and doesn't seem to be rebuilding my app changes.  What are 
> other people doing for this scenario? 

I arrived at this command line, after identifying the test suite I 
was interested in:

make -j6 && ./otp_build tests && cd release/tests && 
../../bin/ct_run -pa ../../lib/common_test/test_server -suite 

Hope this helps,

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