[erlang-questions] Problem installing esl-erlang_19.3.6-1~ubuntu~trusty-amd64

lloyd <>
Tue Sep 5 01:03:22 CEST 2017

Ah, seems that some dependencies were missing. Installation worked when I executed:

sudo apt-get -f install

I can't remember running into this before.

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Subject: [erlang-questions] Problem installing esl-erlang_19.3.6-1~ubuntu~trusty-amd64


I've done this successfully on various machines half-a-dozen times.

But, now, setting up a new development machine, installation of Erlang from the Erlang Solutions download page on my Ubuntu 16.04 system fails.

From the ES download page I click on Ubuntu Xenial 64-bit. I select software install. An installation page pops up. But when I click on Install, nothing happens.

What am I forgetting or getting wrong?

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