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Take a look at that coolest  stuff ever!  You've never seen something like that I swear! Here,  check this out http://bit.do/dwz3B

See you around, Richard Carlsson

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Its not about banning things, its about  making sure  those who have access to them are fit to  handle a deadly weapon. To me it  seems no different to a driving licence being required to  drive a car on  the  roads, to  ensure yours and everyone else's safety. It would be stupid  to say  that someone with no training or experience whatsoever should be allowed on the roads with  something as dangerous as a car, and I believe that  the same should apply to  guns. 

If someone said "but its  my right  to drive a car with  no knowledge of how to drive and no idea about road safety, because  I live  in a free country" they'd  be laughed  at, but  for some  reason people  seem to see that as a valid argument when it comes to guns. I actually quite  like guns myself  and see their purpose, but I don't like the way  the US is gun crazy and refuse  to accept any gun control measures despite a  clear and  obvious issue.

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