[erlang-questions] Call for participation: Trends in Functional Programming in Education 2015 (in association with TFP 2017)

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Wed Jun 7 11:57:39 CEST 2017

Trends in Functional Programming in Education, 2017
Call for participation


Programme timings


The sixth workshop on Trends in Functional Programming in Education, 2017, which is to be held on the Canterbury campus of the University of Kent on Thursday, 22 June. Registration is included with that for TFP 2017, 19–21 June. 

Morning: functional programming and online learning 

A particular topic of this year's TFPIE will be MOOCs and other online learning and we've managed to gather people from most of the current MOOCs in functional programming to come to an informal symposium.

Keynote: Heather Miller of EFPL and Northeastern University will begin the symposium by giving a keynote on this topic. Heather works on and around the Scala programming language and is Executive Director of the Scala Center. 

This will be followed by a presentation from Yann Régis-Gianas and Benjamin Canou about the MOOC on OCaml, and a round table discussion including Heather, the OCaml MOOC team, Jeremy Singer (Haskell), and Simon Thompson (Erlang). 

The morning will conclude with two regular presentations:

- Stephen Adams. Teaching Erlang through the Internet: An Experience Report
- Jeremy Singer and Blair Archibald. Functional Baby Talk: Analysis of Code Fragments from Novice Haskell Programmers

Afternoon: TFPIE regular programme

The afternoon will begin with a best lecture:

Colin Runciman (York) on the topic of  Purely Functional Queues 

The meeting will then have four regular presentations:

- Marco T. Morazan. Vector Programming Using Structural Recursion
- Curtis d'Alves, Tanya Bouman, Christopher Schankula, Jenell Hogg, Levin Noronha, Emily Horsman, Rumsha Siddiqui and Christopher K. Anand. Using Elm to Introduce Algebraic Thinking to K-8 Students
- Hans-Wolfgang Loidl, Phil Barker and Sanusi Usman. Enhancing the Learning Experience on Programming-focused Courses via Electronic Assessment Tools (Extended Abstract)
- Juan Carlos Saenz-Carrasco and Mike Stannett. Overcoming Non Distributivity: A Case Study in Functional Programming

The meeting will conclude with a lightning talks session for attendees and others to give short talks about work in progress or projects that they would like to get started, followed by a plenary discussion on future directions for the community and the workshop.

Programme committee

Dr Laura Castro, University of A Coruña
Prof Ralf Lämmel, University of Koblenz-Landau
Dr Elena Machkasova, University of Minnesota, Morris
Prof Michel Mauny, Inria, Paris
Dr Jeremy Singer, University of Glasgow
Prof Simon Thompson, University of Kent (chair)

Simon Thompson | Professor of Logic and Computation 
School of Computing | University of Kent | Canterbury, CT2 7NF, UK
s.j.thompson@REDACTED | M +44 7986 085754 | W www.cs.kent.ac.uk/~sjt

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