[erlang-questions] Send VM metrics to Grafana

Ilya Khaprov <>
Thu Feb 9 17:59:42 CET 2017

Then you might want to try https://github.com/deadtrickster/prometheus.erl


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Thanks for all the pointers guys.

I've also heard about Prometheus (https://prometheus.io/).

I like it because it's a single Go binary, very easy to deploy.

Anyone has any experience with it and Grafana?



There are bunch of projects for this, by example exometer, my metronome (https://github.com/juise/metronome), and so on.

Just install influxdb and grafana

чт, 9 февр. 2017 г. в 12:06, Frank Muller <<mailto:>>:
Hi everyone,

Does anyone succeeded to push VM metrics to Grafana (http://grafana.org/).

Here I'm looking for a simple integration with minimal dependencies if possible.

Thank you.
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