[erlang-questions] Erlang HTTP client libraries- pros/cons

Frank Muller frank.muller.erl@REDACTED
Thu Aug 31 03:34:34 CEST 2017

The above mentioned clients are also slow compared to "buoy":


Watch the author's video at:



Le mer. 30 août 2017 à 23:47, Martin Karlsson <martin@REDACTED>

> I have done some benchmarking for our specific use case.
> * Main web server with high number of concurrent requests coming in
>   (~1000 concurrent requests per second but benchmarked up to 10,000
>   requests)
> * Most requests requires a call out to an back-end HTTP server (only
>   GET)
> * There are few back-end endpoints (3).
> It is not clear how many different kind of servers you are going to call
> out to and this will likely affect your choice of library.
> For our use case  I benchmarked httpc, gun, hackney, dlhttpc, ibrowse.
> All of them behaves well when the endpoint replies quickly. However,
> once the latency of the response goes up we have problems with all
> "traditional
> clients". The only one that worked for us in this use case was dlhttpc
> (https://github.com/ferd/dlhttpc) and this is likely because of the
> dispcount "router".
> I know hackney has experimental dispcount pooling so that would likely
> work as well.
> * httpc is known to have a few quirks. For our use case which only do HTTP
>   get requests, no cookies, pipelines or other it works well but there is
>   a gen_server bottleneck in there somewhere when calling only few
>   endpoints (have not tried with many endpoints). The biggest pro is that
>   it is built-in, but behaves a bit strange under load.
> * gun - was discarded quickly as I couldn't get anywhere near the
>   performance I was after and I didn't have the time to trouble-shoot
>   with so many other alternatives.
> * hackney and ibrowse - seemed like the most stable clients in term of
>   response times. hackney is also used lots in the elixir community so
>   it should have some good production usage. ibrowse has been around
>   for a long time.
> * dlhttpc - works best for us. Not updated in a while so can't say
>   anything for more advanced usage. Again, this is becuase of dispcount
>   routing, not the actual http client in it self.
> Cheers
> Martin
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