[erlang-questions] Writing a cryptocurrency in Erlang

Caragea Silviu silviu.cpp@REDACTED
Sun Aug 6 22:18:29 CEST 2017


I personally hate to create accounts over accounts for all kind of services
that are doing the same stuff, I usually use only github and star or watch
the projects that are really nice to receive notifications when updates are

I think at least a github mirror will be nice for your project


On Sun, Aug 6, 2017 at 9:58 PM, Krzysztof Jurewicz <
krzysztof.jurewicz@REDACTED> wrote:

> Having a GitHub mirror can be done, but it would ease tracking only of the
> repository itself, not of related issues. Tracking full project is possible
> without registration using an Atom feed ( https://gitlab.com/Ercoin/
> ercoin.atom ); there are also Atom feeds for branches (
> https://gitlab.com/Ercoin/ercoin/commits/master?format=atom ) and raw
> repository can potentially be tracked using plain Git. It is also possible
> to login to GitLab using GitHub. I’m not saying however that there will no
> GitHub mirror.
> It can be argued that it is easier to gain audience when hosting a
> repository on a more popular service, but I don’t believe that a solution
> to this problem is making everyone just use the one, biggest site (GitHub
> in this case). If people were able to create decentralized social
> networking sites and protocols like ActivityPub, then it should be also
> possible to create a decentralized social coding site. Actually there
> already exists a P2P GitHub alternative using Secure Scuttlebutt:
> https://git.scuttlebot.io/%25RPKzL382v2fAia5HuDNHD5kkFdlP
> 7bGvXQApSXqOBwc%3D.sha256 , but currently it seems to suffer from
> important deficiencies: https://viewer.scuttlebot.io/%
> 25aN0VDFB0KsqhaouPoVzQzm6HBcKAvlExRH6pR%2F9Khww=.sha256
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