[erlang-questions] DDDS/DNS oriented project considerations

Fri Apr 28 16:48:04 CEST 2017


We would like to check if our understanding is correct.
We consider deploying and documenting an user oriented set of 
distributed local IoT/internet OS independent services/applications.
We wish to test the concept through a DDDs proposition (the DNS is a 
DDDS) oriented towards local DNS and Named Data Networking as a fork of BIND.

We understand that an Erlang/Elixir Beam based solution could be a 
alternative and that OTP could provide a full communictions library 
for such a project. However, we have no knowledge in your area, and 
therefore before heavily investing into learnng it, we would be 
rather interested in knowing your opinions:

- would such a project make sense from your experience
- would there be some existing projects/solution that could be of 
interest to us.

We are a young non-profit Lab in Montpellier, South of France.
Thank you for you help.
JFC Morfin

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