[erlang-questions] Who called my gen_server?

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> Hi guys,

> I've two connected nodes: N1, N2.

> N1 is mine and I've a gen_server running on it.
> N2 is external and doesn't belong to me.

> A process on N2 is calling my gen_server (on N1) via an rpc:call.

You do know that the rpc server is exactly one process per Erlang 
node. Pushing to many calls through it will degrade performance. 

If you have any influence on the design of node N2, change it to call 
your N1 gen_server directly without the intermediate rpc process. 

You could either register your server with a global name, use another 
global registry (e.g. gproc), or a myriad of other ways to reach your 
gen_server without the rpc module. 

That way, `From` in the handle_call method will contain the PID of 
the caller. 


> Is there a way to know the Pid of that process?
> Or, can I log all rpc_call(s) calling my gen_server?

> /Frank

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