[erlang-questions] load_file() and purge()

Salikhov Dinislam Dinislam.Salikhov@REDACTED
Fri Nov 25 13:20:01 CET 2016


Let's assume there is a module forty_two.beam loaded by VM.
Then the module is updated and hot loaded:
     > code:load_file(forty_two).
     {module, forty_two}

Then let's assume that there is no process using an old version of the 
module (for example, the module contains only pure functions).
Despite of that following attempt to update the module fails:
     > code:load_file(forty_two).
     Loading of forty_two.beam failed: not_purged

Is there any rationale why the old code is not automatically purged?
IMO, it would be convenient if _unused_ old version of the code would be 
implicitly removed in such case.

Salikhov Dinislam

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