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Alexander Petrovsky askjuise@REDACTED
Fri Nov 25 11:34:41 CET 2016


On my work I have to write in golang, so, with my erlang background I used
to write logs into file on disk via lager, for me it's very conveniently
and I see some pros:

- We can route logs by application and control them are more flexible;
- We can control when and what and how to sink data to disk, so, we have
some guarantees.

For me, stdout/stderr cons is stdX it's always pipe, so, when log reader
got stuck, all my app is got stuck too.

The my very (for me) strange golang programmers colleagues, says - no, it's
wrong and bad, we all must write logs to stdout, here there is cons for
write log files:
- Disk can corrupt! Write to stdout, catch up by journald and route to some
place. So, there is no disk point of failure any more, you app now network
depends only;
- Stdout more flexible, it's more cross platform;
- Hey, boy, did you know about 12 app factor (*oh my god*)?

Sorry for full of pain and holly war topic, but for me is very interesting
what's erlang community think about it?

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