[erlang-questions] [ANN] Basho move Lager to erlang-lager organization on Github

Douglas Rohrer drohrer@REDACTED
Wed Nov 16 00:39:14 CET 2016

Recognizing that Lager has long-since become an important open-source
tool for Erlang developers, the team at Basho is happy to announce we
have created the Erlang-Lager organization on Github to open up Lager to
encourage broader community involvement:


The primary maintainers will continue to be Mark Allen and John Daily.
Please reach out to them to coordinate your involvement going forward.

You’ll notice the original lager repo is owned by the organization and we’ve
forked a copy back to Basho. All your existing forks will work just fine,
though you may need to update your remote URLs (if you were previously
pushing directly to the Basho repo):

➜  lager git:(develop) git remote -v
upstream https://github.com/basho/lager.git (fetch)
upstream https://github.com/basho/lager.git (push)
➜  lager git:(develop) git remote set-url upstream
➜  lager git:(develop) git remote -v
upstream https://github.com/erlang-lager/lager.git (fetch)
upstream https://github.com/erlang-lager/lager.git (push)

"upstream" may be different depending on your personal setup.

You will also want to update any existing build tools (rebar, mix, erlang.mk,
in your projects that point to the Basho clone of the repo to instead use
erlang-lager organization's repo.

I want to thank Mark and John for being willing to continue their excellent
work on Lager for the wider community, along with all of our other outside
contributors. We all believe a larger maintainer base on Lager will continue
to improve Lager and our community as a whole.

Please share with any interested parties that may not see this announcement.


Doug Rohrer
Principal Engineer
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