[erlang-questions] MLFE v0.2.4 released

Jeremy Pierre j.14159@REDACTED
Thu Nov 10 04:39:11 CET 2016

Hi all,

Version 0.2.4 of "ML-flavoured Erlang" (MLFE) is available now (name change
still pending) at https://github.com/j14159/mlfe/tree/v0.2.4

Lots of bug fixes and improvements over the last few minor versions,
changelog here:

The big changes are:
- fixes for ADTs using built-in polymorphic types (lists, maps)
- fixes for ADT unification and type aliases
- basic support for records with row polymorphism (not compatible with
Erlang records)

The tour has been updated here:

And a blog post summarizing some of the fixes and record functionality here:

As always, feedback and contributions are most welcome.  You can find a few
interested people in #mlfe on freenode as well.


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