[erlang-questions] Sync transaction vs dump log in mnesia

Tue Nov 8 06:23:57 CET 2016


      Can someone kindly describe me what is the difference between sync 
transaction and dump log in mnesia.?. Because in my application I am 
using mnesia database and I observed that soon after writing data into 
table, if the system restarts the data will not be persistent, And I am 
aware of the mnesia dump_log_time_threshold and dump_log_write_threshold 
and i don't want to change these thresholds for time being. To solve 
this problem I used mnesia:sync_transaction/1 but that also fails ( in 
the function description of mnesia:sync_transaction in Mnesia Reference 
Manual its been told that the data will be logged to disk ). But if I 
call mnesia:dump_log/0 function soon after the write operation and 
restart the system the data will be persistent.

Thanks in advance,

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