[erlang-questions] Beginner trying to figure out idiomatic OTP architecture

ok <>
Sat Mar 26 06:49:30 CET 2016

Garret Smith wrote that he has "an admitted tendency to be
glib about architecture".  Whether that is a safe approach
depends on the (complexity) scale of the project you are
working on, nd how fast you can move from one architecture
to another when you discover your present architecture is
not ideal, as you inevitably will.

The put it another way, you can make a tree-house without
worrying about architecture, but not a skyscraper.  The
answer, of course, is not to build skyscrapers but shanty
towns, as long as they get the job one.

And that means decouple, decouple, decouple.  You can get
away with not worrying about architecture much as long as
you can test easily, measure easily, and take the bits
apart and put them together another way easily.

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