[erlang-questions] rebar3 & hex: how to install?

Roberto Ostinelli <>
Sat Mar 19 09:16:53 CET 2016

I'm on OSX. I've Erlang and Elixir installed.
rebar3 is in /usr/local/bin.


$ rebar3 hex user register
===> Command hex not found


$ mix local
mix hex             # Prints Hex help information
mix hex.build       # Builds a new package version locally
mix hex.config      # Reads or updates Hex config
mix hex.docs        # Publishes docs for package
mix hex.info        # Prints Hex information
mix hex.key         # Hex API key tasks
mix hex.outdated    # Shows outdated Hex deps for the current project
mix hex.owner       # Hex package ownership tasks
mix hex.public_keys # Manages Hex public keys
mix hex.publish     # Publishes a new package version
mix hex.registry    # Hex registry tasks
mix hex.search      # Searches for package names
mix hex.user        # Hex user tasks

What am I missing?

Thank you,
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