[erlang-questions] rebar3 dependencies

Fred Hebert <>
Sat Mar 19 03:43:33 CET 2016

On 03/18, Michael Truog wrote:
>While your opinion is that the approach is "bad", I see it as required for
>stable and repeatable builds.  So we reach an impasse where it appears that
>rebar3 is not meant to support this, unless by chance without it
>intentionally being a use-case, which is unfortunate.

Just so I'm clear, the feature you're after here is that rebar3 should 
be able to fetch your dependencies and build them, but you just want 
them to be fetched and built in a different location so that you do not 
have to go fetch them yourself?

Because you could just go and place them yourself in libs/ (and put your 
own in apps/, or else use {project_app_dirs, ["deps/*", "apps/*", 
"lib/*", "."]} to have a deps/ directory) and then check this in.

This would split your code from where they are built, and would tell 
rebar3 "don't handle these, I'll do it myself", which I assume is kind 
of the point here, isn't it?

So the only thing missing there is fetching and upgrading, although is 
this still a thing you want since you don't necessarily control the 
order it is done in? Is this the thing not being handled that would be 

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