[erlang-questions] [ANN] vprof profiler

Andrey Tsirulev <>
Tue Mar 15 22:45:38 CET 2016

Hi all,

vprof (Visual Erlang Profiler) is yet another Erlang profiler.

The usage pattern is similar to fprof but results can be viewed with 
WX-based GUI.


vprof:trace(2). %% collect trace info to vprof.trace file for 2 seconds. 
This should be executed on the target node.

vprof:profile(). %% run on any node; read input from vprof.trace and 
write summary to vprof.out

vprof:gui(). %% show GUI for vprof.out (here's the example: 
https://raw.githubusercontent.com/artplant/vprof/master/guiexample.png )

The usual vprof usage scenario is the following:
Run the stress test for the target node and gather vprof trace, profile 
it, view results, find potential performance improvements, improve, run 
the stress test again, trace & profile and compare two sessions by 
opening two vprof windows via vprof:gui("vprof1.out") and 
vprof:gui("vprof2.out") at the same time and comparing numbers for a 
specific function or process (or totals).

Best regards,
Andrey Tsirulev

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