[erlang-questions] gproc registration 'partitioning'?

Khitai Pang <>
Tue Mar 15 10:32:07 CET 2016

I have been trying to use gproc with https://github.com/garret-smith/gen_leader_revival.  I found that registering a name which is already registered will destroy the existing registration of the name, and a remote node is unaware of this.  See the following steps:Register node1 shell as global name 'abcde' on node1, the name is visable on node2 and sending messages from node2 shell to 'abcde' works fine:(node1)1> gproc:reg({n, g, abcde}).true(node1)2> gproc:where({n, g, abcde}).<0.229.0>(node2)1> gproc:where({n, g, abcde}).<8049.229.0>(node2)2> gproc:send({n, g, abcde}, hello).hello(node1)3> flush().Shell got hellookNow on node1 shell register with the name again, it removes the existing registration:(node1)4> gproc:reg({n, g, abcde}).** exception error: bad argument     in function  gproc:reg/1        called as gproc:reg({n,g,abcde})(node1)5> gproc:where({n, g, abcde}).undefinedBut on node2 the shell still gets <8049.229.0>:(node2)3> gproc:where({n, g, abcde}).<8049.229.0>And sending message from node2 shell to 'abcde' still works 'fine', but the node1 shell doesn't get any message:(node2)4> gproc:send({n, g, abcde}, hello).hello(node1)6> flush().okNow if I register node1 shell as {n, g, abcde} again, everything works fine again:(node1)7> gproc:reg({n, g, abcde}).true(node2)5> gproc:where({n, g, abcde}).<8049.268.0>(node2)6> gproc:send({n, g, abcde}, hello).hello(node1) 8> flush().Shell got hellookThis doesn't look right to me.1) When registering with a name already registered, why doesn't gproc return something like {error, already_registered}?2) After the registration is removed, why does a remove node still sees the non-existent registration?ThanksKhitai 		 	   		  
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