[erlang-questions] net_kernel:start/1 doesn't honor ERL_EPMD_PORT set by os:putenv/2

Khitai Pang <>
Fri Mar 11 05:48:20 CET 2016


I have the following code:

os:putenv("ERL_EPMD_ADDRESS", inet_parse:ntoa(IP)),
os:putenv("ERL_EPMD_PORT", integer_to_list(5555)),
os:cmd("epmd -daemon"),
net_kernel:start([bob, longnames]),

The ERL_EPMD_ADDRESS and ERL_EPMD_PORT environment variables are used by 
os:cmd("epmd -daemon") but net_kernel:start/1 fails:

Protocol: "inet_tcp": register/listen error: econnrefused

Apparently it still tries to connect to 4369, where no process is listening.

If I start erl by "ERL_EPMD_PORT=5555 erl", net_kernel:start/1 in the 
above code works fine.

So I have come to the conclusion that environment variables set by 
os:putenv/2 are not honored by net_kernel:start/1.  Am I right?  If yes, 
1) is this a bug? 2) for a Erlang/OTP release, how to automatically set 
global environment variables for erl?


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