[erlang-questions] mnesia async vs sync

Roberto Ostinelli <>
Fri Mar 11 00:10:49 CET 2016

> On 10 mar 2016, at 23:58, Ryan <> wrote:
> A quick glance through the mnesia module suggests that async doesn't mean 100% fire and forget. It appears that some cluster messaging is still performed before returning on a call with Kind=async. That would suggest that larger clusters will have slower performance. I don't know mnesia, so I can't give any further insight than that.

Thank you for your input.

This is interesting since the documentation [1] states:

"By passing the same "fun" as an argument to the function mnesia:sync_dirty(Fun [, Args]), it is performed in almost the same context as the function mnesia:async_dirty/1,2. The difference is that the operations are performed synchronously. The caller waits for the updates to be performed on all active replicas."

Maybe I'm not reading this right?


[1] http://erlang.org/doc/apps/mnesia/Mnesia_chap4.html

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