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Alex Alvarez <>
Tue Mar 8 22:16:17 CET 2016

Note that I very much like Yaws.  I've been using it for a number of 
years and I've never ran into any operational issues with it.  Thus, I'm 
very thankful to Claes and all contributors to the project.  And yes, 
it's very easy to complain while you don't do anything about it, but 
since I was asked...  The issues dealing with documentation I've run 
into could be summarized in Yaws having many great features available, 
but in many cases the documentation doesn't go far enough explaining how 
to go about using them.  That probably sums it up. The website has bits 
and pieces for you to figure out, which is fine if you have the time, 
but it's not exactly an example of good documentation in 2016.  Your 
best overall bet is the manual (yaws.pdf) that tries to be complete, but 
most explanations are simple and limited.  Many chapters are simply made 
up of one page, which is not exactly thorough.  I mean, take a look and 
judge for yourself.  I wish I would have written this a few years ago 
when I was writing this web app, as I would have had better examples of 
the issues I ran into.

On 03/08/2016 12:10 PM, Steve Vinoski wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 8, 2016 at 11:30 AM, Alex Alvarez < 
> <mailto:>> wrote:
>     For REST, my initial recommendation is Yaws
>     (http://yaws.hyber.org/), as it's very easy to use and pretty
>     solid solution, but the documentation for it is simply terrible
>     and I mean really, really terrible.  Hence, you probably would
>     have an easier time with Cowboy.
> If you have suggestions for documentation improvements please let me 
> know -- I'd like to know details of why you think the docs are 
> "really, really terrible" given that I think they're pretty 
> reasonable, and I know for a fact we keep them up to date. Pull 
> requests are also welcomed.
> --steve
>     Cheers,
>     Alex
>     On 03/08/2016 02:09 AM, zxq9 wrote:
>>     On Monday 07 March 2016 18:30:51 Mark Bucciarelli wrote:
>>>     I'm curious to hear what do more experienced erlang'ers think of mochiweb?
>>>     That's where I ended up after googling and reading on my own.
>>     Its a toolkit from which you can build a server, but its not a server
>>     in the way something like YAWS is. Quickest from zero to doing things
>>     is probably YAWS or Cowboy.
>>     Most of my experience has been client-side things using mochi libs or
>>     doing simplish web faces with YAWS for systems that have much richer
>>     native clients already -- so my web experience in this regard is
>>     (deliberately) limited.
>>     -Craig
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