[erlang-questions] Webmachine content_types_accepted w/ POST

Torben Hoffmann <>
Tue Mar 8 12:07:17 CET 2016


I have a URI where I accept a POST.

It has to support one or multiple entities for creation as JSON in the
So post_is_create/2 should return false.
Hence I have to implement process_post/2 to deal with the POST.
So far, so good.

But I have to write

content_types_accepted(RD, Ctx) ->
    {[{"application/json", bogus_handler_name}], RD, Ctx}.

for the JSON body to be accepted.

I can write whatever as the handler function, because it will not be
called by Webmachine.

I only allow JSON on that POST, so I can control it and return an empty
list of accepted types for other URI/method combos.

It seems a little dirty to me.
I can live with it, just wanted to hear what others do.

Torben Hoffmann
Architect, basho.com
M: +45 25 14 05 38

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