[erlang-questions] mnesia:dirty_write in cluster

Roberto Ostinelli <>
Fri Mar 4 21:46:07 CET 2016

I'm assuming I have to use async_dirty, however reading the docs I still have some doubts if using mnesia:dirty_write/1,2 not wrapped into an activity uses by default sync_dirty or not. 

> On 04 mar 2016, at 21:40, Roberto Ostinelli <> wrote:
> Dear all,
> Why does mnesia:dirty_write/1,2 take longer the more nodes there are in a cluster? I assume it is because it is sending this info to the other nodes as well?
> If so, is there any way to instruct mnesia to do the synch to other nodes asynchronously and free the proc doing the write asap?
> Thank you,
> r.

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