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For some reason this ended up in my Gmail spam folder, and I suspect it
will be the same problem for many subscribers.


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Hi all,

We at bet365 have been using Erlang for a while now and enjoying the
benefits it provides. So I'm pleased to announce our first open source
contribution to the Erlang community. An application named 'soap' is now
available on GitHub which allows you to consume and expose web services
easily from Erlang.


SOAP isn't exactly considered sexy these days but it is still quite widely
used in the Enterprise space. I've personally known instances where
development teams have shied away from using Erlang purely because of the
complete lack of support for SOAP. So hopefully this application fills that
gap and will encourage more enterprise developers to take up Erlang.

We are also currently working on an improved version of the 'odbc'
application which we will be releasing in the coming weeks.

bet365 employed Willem de Jong (author of https://github.com/willemdj/erlsom
) to develop this application (and the required enhancements to erlsom)
with a little bit of design input from me. Suggestions for improvements,
pull requests and any feedback is most welcome.

Chandru Mullaparthi
Head of Software Architecture
Hillside (Technology) Limited
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