[erlang-questions] Rest endpoint behaving strangely

Pavanan M S <>
Tue Mar 1 08:57:13 CET 2016

Hi all,
         I created a few rest end points for an app and it works. Now I am
starting to write the test cases. But there is a strange issue in my code.

        When I connect the rest client with url  "
http://localhost:8080/[resource_name] " it works perfectly.

        But if I use " http://localhost:8080/[resource_name]*/ *" , (A
slash ( '/' ) in the end) it gives a 404.

        Now that I am trying to write test cases using common test, I just
tried to make requests using ibrowse first. And there I found something
strange again.

        When I used ibrowse to issue a post request, it returned 302, with
the location of the resource. In the browser I am getting 200, I guess
because of get.

         Now, since get is working, I guess the resource is being created,
Then what might be the reason that I am not getting 201 ? Also, Is this
related to the above problem ?
        Please help.
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