[erlang-questions] Any Erlang Devs Contemplating Elixir?

Tue Mar 1 00:33:55 CET 2016

My mail system is sufficiently messed up
that I can't attribute this.  Sorry.

> I have been led to understand by people far more familiar with Erlang than
> I am that in order to use certain behaviours from OTP one has to write
> boilerplate code for several callbacks whether one wants to modify the
> behavior from defaults or not.

This is seriously weird.  The whole point of behaviours is
to *not* write stuff.  If you have defaults that you find
yourself using more than once, you could do things like
sticking them in -include files, or even write your own module
to wrap the behaviour.  Or you could use the e2 behaviours
instead of the OTP ones.  Or you could copy the behaviour
module you want and change its interface, then use the copy.

You could even discuss the interface in this
mailing list and propose changes.

It would be nice to have more details, like >which< behaviours
and >what< defaults (or rather, such the point at issue is that
there _aren't_ defaults, what the defaults should be).

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