[erlang-questions] ML shaped language for the Erlang VM

Richard A. O'Keefe ok@REDACTED
Wed Jun 29 01:39:57 CEST 2016

On 29/06/16 4:10 AM, Louis Pilfold wrote:
> How would pronounce BeaML?

bee-mill, presumably.

I note that Elixir is sort of Ruby-Flavour Erlang,
but it's not called RFE.

Since it's CAML-flavoured rather than (S)ML-flavoured,
perhaps CARMEL (CAml-Resembling Modified Erlang Language)
might work as a name.

It's an excellent thing that Jeremy Pierre is doing.

I have never been able to stomach CAML syntax despite
my great respect for the work of Xavier Leroy and
awed admiration for some of the things that have been
done with it.  F# now has a "lite" syntax that comes
closer to something I could bear to use.  There is
some very interesting data mining work being done in
F#, and that might also serve as an inspiration.

I got quite excited at the thought of something like
ML running in Erlang, and was bitterly disappointed
to find it was no such thing.  If you put "ML" in the
name, you *will* raise and dash just such hopes.

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