[erlang-questions] Decisions regarding EEP 44 and EEP 45

Kenneth Lundin kenneth@REDACTED
Thu Jun 2 10:51:04 CEST 2016

 The following decisions regarding EEPs (Erlang Enhancement Proposals) has
been taken byt the OTP technical board during the spring: EEP-45
<https://github.com/erlang/eep/blob/master/eeps/eep-0045.md> Function_Name
and Function_Arity as macros


Already implemented and available in OTP 19.0-rc1.
EEP-44 <https://github.com/erlang/eep/blob/master/eeps/eep-0044.md>
Additional preprocessor directives

*Partly Approved*

Only the -warning and -error directives was approved and they are already
implemented and available in OTP 19.0-rc1.

Some of the reasons for not approving the other directives in EEP-44 where:


   Rather unclear what an OTP_RELEASE is and it will not be clearer as
   there are plans to split OTP in several parts.

   Could lead to strange situations if these directives are combined with a
   package manager which also deals with dependencies.

   Could lead to strange situations if testing for a version or existence
   of functions in non OTP modules.

In summary we where not convinced that the new directives will solve more
problems than they might introduce. It is also already rather easy to
create a preprocessor variable in the build-procesess that can be used in
combination with -ifdef to achieve similar effects.
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