[erlang-questions] Sending fun/1 over the network and apply/2 failure

Sid Muller sid5@REDACTED
Mon Jul 25 14:17:00 CEST 2016

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> Subject: Re: [erlang-questions] Sending fun/1 over the network and apply/2 failure

> A closure only contains a reference to its code, not a copy of the code
> itself.  Taking a closure created in module M, passing it to another
> Erlang node and applying it there, requires that the module M is present
> there as well.  If it isn't, or if the modules differ too much, you get
> a badfun exception.
> The code part of a closure created in the shell refers to a module in
> the Erlang interpreter (erl_eval or something like that) with the actual
> expression being a plain term in the closed over free variables (which
> the module can interpret).  That's why the shell's closures work in some
> cases where closures from beam files don't.

Ahhh, OK that makes sense.

Thank you

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