[erlang-questions] is it possible to reuse a "-type" specification for a function in a "-spec" ?

Marco Molteni marco.molteni@REDACTED
Sun Jul 17 16:43:52 CEST 2016


say I have a function that takes a function as an argument and I want
to write type specifications for them:

    -type decider() :: fun((pos_integer(), #node{}) ->
        reject | accept | continue).

    -spec foo(Decider :: decider()) -> boolean().
    foo(Decider) -> ...

When implementing the callback, I would like to reuse the type decider():

Instead of duplicating the same type information (error prone, can go
out of sync):

    -spec my_cb(pos_integer(), #node{}) -> reject | accept | continue.
    my_cb(X, Tree) -> ...

I would like to write something like:

    -spec my_cb :: decider().
    my_cb(X, Tree) -> ...

Is there a way?


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