[erlang-questions] Generic turn based game server in Erlang

Unix One <>
Fri Jan 29 17:54:02 CET 2016


Few months ago I asked if anyone was aware of a turn based game server 
framework in Erlang. I got helpful replies, but I couldn't find exactly 
what I was looking for. So, I wrote one:


It's a general turn based server which can be used to plug in any 
arbitrary turn based game via behavior callbacks. It's pretty bare bones 
(but flexible), and intentionally so. It's also relatively well 
documented, and I've implemented a sample multi-player game to serve for 
example/testing purposes.

I'm wondering if:

- anyone would be willing to review and give feedback; any kind of 
constructive feedback - game-related, general Erlang, documentation, 
etc. - is greatly appreciated

- anyone is interested in developing this further to make it more use 
case driven and fully featured

Thank you.

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