[erlang-questions] rebar3 shell showing error

Fred Hebert <>
Fri Jan 29 13:55:49 CET 2016

On 01/29, Lukas Larsson wrote:
>For some reason both the basic and tty shell drivers have started and are
>trying to select on the same file descriptor. The problem is probably
>somewhere around here:
>in the rebar3 code.

Yeah, I haven't been able to reproduce this one. I brought changes to 
the code specifically to get rid of the issue a few weeks ago 
https://github.com/rebar/rebar3/pull/995 and I've had two reports of 
that stuff failing.

As I said, I've been unable to reproduce it on the versions I tried on 
Linux, OSX, and Windows. So at this point I'm not quite sure how to go 
about, the VM is fighting us very hard in making sure we don't take over 
the IO system. Going about it any other way ensures that on the old 
shell, the escript running rebar3 crashes directly and any TERM=dumb or 
windows system cannot use it at all.

If I'm able to reproduce the issue reliably I'm gonna try to fix it, but 
for now I'm not sure what I can do.

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