[erlang-questions] Recommendations for secure websocket + fallbacks

José Valim <>
Fri Jan 29 02:11:43 CET 2016

Someone mentioned on Twitter there is N2O as well:

It is in Erlang and it seems to be more focused on WebSockets instead of a
web framework like Phoenix. It may better suit your needs. :)

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On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 3:51 PM, José Valim <
> wrote:

> Hi Lyn,
> I usually avoid posting Elixir related solutions in here but, if Elixir is
> an option, you should take a look at Phoenix:
> http://www.phoenixframework.org/
> Phoenix is a framework running on top of Cowboy and has a feature called
> channels that seems to provide what you are looking for:
> * Handle websockets and fallback to long-polling when websockets is not
> available
> * Support cross-origin headers in both websockets and long-polling
> transports
> * Good browser compatibility (our long-polling implementation supports way
> back to IE8)
> * Ability to "force" SSL, allowing only https/ws connections
> Channels run on top of a pubsub system, which allows anywhere in your
> application to broadcast messages to all connected clients on a given
> topic. We have recently written on how we got 2 million websocket
> connections on a single machine (at an arrival rate of 20k/s iirc).
> Finally, the pubsub system is distributed. So if you want to deploy over
> multiple machines, we will use Distributed Erlang. No need for Redis. We
> are also working on a Phoenix Presence feature, using CRDTs alongside
> Distributed Erlang, so if you need presence support in the future, it will
> be handy too.
> If you are interested in more information, you can try the Phoenix guides
> <http://www.phoenixframework.org/docs/overview>, the mailing list
> <https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/phoenix-talk> or join us on
> #elixir-lang on IRC Freenode.
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> On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 2:00 AM, Lyn Headley <> wrote:
>> I am developing a web app that will use client-side js code that I am
>> writing to issue cross-origin requests from a domain not under my
>> control to a web server under my control; and am evaluating whether to
>> use websockets, long-polling, or another method. I need to consider
>> things like browser compatibility (the more browsers supported, the
>> better) and security (requests / packets must be secure, so https or
>> wss I think). My ideal solution will support low latency messaging and
>> high scalability, but will also support most browsers, and be easy to
>> install and configure. One tactic for example would be to prefer
>> websockets, but fall back to long-polling, which is what I understand
>> socket.io does.
>> I would be interested to hear any experiences you might have in this
>> domain, and any recommendations you might have for erlang libraries,
>> servers, etc. Has anyone done this? What stack did you deploy? What
>> were the issues you encountered?
>> I have a slight bias in favor of yaws, because I have already gotten
>> it running, but am open to other web servers if it turns out to be too
>> hard to make yaws do what I want.
>> Thanks,
>> Lyn
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