[erlang-questions] Programing Erlang - second editon Chapter 25

Miguel Silvestre <>
Tue Jan 26 16:56:41 CET 2016

Hello all,

This is my first post to this mailing list. I haven't found any answer for
this. So if this is already on the mailing list I'm sorry for that.

I'm reading the Programming Erlang  book  sercond edition from Joe

And when running the Makefile described on chapter 25.2:

      test -d deps || rebar get-deps
      rebar compile
      @erl -noshell -pa './deps/bitcask/ebin' -pa './ebin' -s bertie start

I get the following error:

$ make
test -d deps || rebar get-deps
==> bertie (get-deps)
Pulling bitcask from {git,"git://github.com/basho/bitcask.git","master"}
Cloning into 'bitcask'...
==> bitcask (get-deps)
Pulling meck from {git,"git://github.com/eproxus/meck"}
Cloning into 'meck'...
==> meck (get-deps)
rebar compile
==> meck (compile)
Compiled src/meck_ret_spec.erl
Compiled src/meck_util.erl
Compiled src/meck_proc.erl
Compiled src/meck_matcher.erl
Compiled src/meck_history.erl
Compiled src/meck_expect.erl
Compiled src/meck_cover.erl
Compiled src/meck_code.erl
Compiled src/meck_code_gen.erl
Compiled src/meck_args_matcher.erl
Compiled src/meck.erl
==> bitcask (compile)
Compiled src/bitcask_sup.erl
Compiled src/bitcask_time.erl
type queue() undefined
ERROR: compile failed while processing
make: *** [all] Error 1

Thank you for your support!

PS. I'm on a OSX system.

Miguel Silvestre
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