[erlang-questions] Failed to run make..

Pavanan M S <>
Mon Jan 11 06:53:16 CET 2016

Hi all,

           While trying to run make in a project I encountered this message

               ===> Plugin rebar_gdb_plugin not available. It will not be

           Then it crashed showing this message;-

           ===> Compiling
/home/pavanan/pine/_build/default/lib/pine/src/pine_tools.erl failed
/home/pavanan/pine/_build/default/lib/pine/src/pine_tools.erl:339: illegal
guard expression

          Looking at the code I found that the guard expression consists of
a function
*is_map(). *
          That function didn't work in my erl console (returns function not

          1. Are these errors related? and
          2. How can I make this work.
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