[erlang-questions] Towards a Mac Music machine

Joe Armstrong <>
Fri Jan 8 18:36:58 CET 2016

I want to make a music application on my macbook

The plan is:

    Graphics etc. in swift (so I can hit coreaudio, coremidi and graphics)
    High level Logic etc in Erlang
    Interface through sockets
    Package everything in a Mac bundle (for distribution)

I've managed to make some windows and midi things in swift

These are described here:


And I have some (unpublished) code to read a midi keyboard.

To connect Swift and Erlang I'll use sockets - I found some code
at https://github.com/cezarywojcik/Swift-Server

Which I can tweak

Now I want to built a Mac bundle containing a complete Erlang system

Bundles are described here:


I know this was done in Wings-3D - but wondered if anybody had
experience with this.

Anybody who is interested in helping please contact me off-list.



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