[erlang-questions] Dialyzer, behaviours, plts and what not

Brujo Benavides <>
Tue Jan 5 19:33:02 CET 2016

So, my friend Harenson <http://twitter.com/harenson> was dialyzing some code where we’ve implemented egithub_webhook behaviour from egithub <https://hex.pm/packages/egithub>, and he found this warning:

Callback info about the egithub_webhook behaviour is not available

Being a big fan of dialyzer myself, I immediately jumped in and tried to fix our code to avoid that warning.
But this time, it turns out, it seems like we actually found a bug in dialyzer.
We reduced the issue to its smallest possible expression and uploaded it here <https://github.com/elbrujohalcon/dialyzeit>.

I’m pretty sure for most of you it will be just a curiosity, but just in case it actually helps someone, remember:

Don’t define a callback and add a not exported function with the same name and arity to the same module in your libraries.

At least, don’t do it until ERL-72 <http://bugs.erlang.org/browse/ERL-72> is fixed ;)


Fernando “Brujo” Benavides
about.me/elbrujohalcon <http://about.me/elbrujohalcon>

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