[erlang-questions] Alternative tool to replace appmon

Minin Maxim <>
Thu Feb 25 12:53:15 CET 2016

You can use observer - see http://erlang.org/doc/man/observer.html
best regards

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Betreff: [erlang-questions] Alternative tool to replace appmon

Hi guys,

  I found that appmon is removed from Erlang release since R17, and I wonder if there is any alternative tool that I can use for the same purpose. Appmon is a very handy tool to inspect inside OTP apps' hierarchy, and I do wish that this functionality still available in the newest releases.

  Besides, I also would like to know if there's any such tools working under command line, I have no idea how I can use tools like appmon remotely, if only there's a command-line version, that would be convenient for me to ssh to the remote node and get all the info I want with it.

Kind regards
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