[erlang-questions] Remove behaviour checking from erl_lint (continued)

Richard A. O'Keefe <>
Thu Dec 22 02:02:58 CET 2016

On 22/12/16 1:51 PM, Michael Truog wrote:

>> There is no other programming language that I use or have ever
>> used in which source code *with* type information isn't checked
>> by the normal compiler, to the extent that it *can* be checked
>> locally.

> It doesn't seem like what you have said is as specific as it could be.

It was a perspective, not a program!

> I agree it would be nice to have the compiler to type checking on the
> single module it is processing.  However, are you suggesting that the
> Erlang compiler that is fed a single module should know about all other
> modules that will be used along with it, at the same time, and
> effectively run dialyzer on the single module?

I was in fact specific about that:
"to the extent that it *can* be checked locally".
So no, I obviously *wasn't* suggesting that.

To be a bit more specific:
  - use the PLT to get information about library modules
  - assume that all calls to this module from outside
    are correct
  - assume that all calls from this module to outside
    code not described in the PLT are correct
  - check only that.
  - on request show a list of external functions called
    but not checked, mainly to avoid the illusion that
    everything was checked.

More generally, there should be a way to compile N modules
together, allowing calls between them to be checked but not
calls outside that group.

I find that the majority of my type errors are internal.

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