[erlang-questions] snmpc: Error when compiling RFC 4669 MIB and others

Kenneth Lakin kennethlakin@REDACTED
Mon Dec 19 16:26:49 CET 2016

I'm running Erlang 19.1.3. I'm using snmpc to compile the MIBs from RFCs
4668, 4669, 4670, and 4671. (These are the updated RADIUS client/server
and RADIUS Accounting client/server MIBs.) Attempts to compile any these
MIBs fail with the same error (but with differing line numbers) :

Eshell V8.1  (abort with ^G)
1> snmpc:compile("RADIUS-AUTH-SERVER-MIB", []).
RADIUS-AUTH-SERVER-MIB.mib: 692: syntax error before: '{'

In all cases, the line causing the trouble is a SYNTAX line with a -er-
type of InetAddressType inside an OBJECT block, inside a
MODULE-COMPLIANCE block. If I change the SYNTAX type of that OBJECT to
something else (like, say InetAddress), and update the constraints, the
compilation succeeds with the following warnings and return value:

[RADIUS-AUTH-SERVER-MIB.mib][WAR]: No RowStatus column in table
radiusAuthClientTable => The default functions won't work properly
[RADIUS-AUTH-SERVER-MIB.mib][WAR]: No RowStatus column in table
radiusAuthClientExtTable => The default functions won't work properly

Both InetAddressType and InetAddress appear to be defined in the same
MIB. That MIB file appears to be part of the Erlang snmp application.
The MIB files that I'm attempting to compile are in the current working
directory of the Erlang shell. Three separate reputable-looking MIB
syntax checkers can find no significant problem with the files I'm
attempting to compile. Why is compilation failing? Is there something
that I'm overlooking, or is this a bug?

The RFC 4669 MIB is at [0]. See [1] for the plaintext version of the
same file.

[0] https://gist.github.com/kennethlakin/9bdefaeb7c7c8a4945c45ace184c658d

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