[erlang-questions] running centos release tarball on debian

Dmitry Klionsky <>
Tue Dec 13 10:44:36 CET 2016

To build for different OSes I use different docker images. Here's 
https://github.com/ten0s/alley-docker docker setup I developed at my 
previous job,
but admins didn't want(know?) to put it under Jenkins so you will see a 
lot of other stuff. Look at centos{5,6} dirs for examples.

Now almost the same docker setup, but for centos7 and centos5.i386 runs 
under Jenkins on AWS.
On success I put tarballs to S3.

Your task would be to create a new image for Ubuntu and install needed 
build deps.

I like this approach because it allows to have a simple Jenkins slave 
with only docker and Jenkins agent on it.

On 12/13/2016 12:31 AM, Garry Hodgson wrote:
> We are using a jenkins build server on centos to create our releases, 
> using rebar3. The deployed release tarball includes the erlang 
> runtime. Recently we needed to deploy it on a remote system that runs 
> Ubuntu. The developers used a tool called alien to convert the .rpm 
> that installs the release tarball into a .deb package that Ubuntu 
> expects.
> The application won't start, complaining that it can't find libcrypto, 
> though OpenSSL is installed. I'm guessing that the compiled erlang 
> runtime, having been built for centos, is looking for libs in 
> different places, perhaps with different names.
> Is there a way to make this work by working around with env vars, 
> symlinks, or other post-buld kludgery? Or do we need to just bite the 
> bullet and set up a Jenkins build server for ubuntu? Are others 
> deploying releases on different Linux distributions? Any suggestions 
> or lessons learned would be appreciated.
> Thanks
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