[erlang-questions] Alpaca (formerly MLFE) v0.2.5 released

Jeremy Pierre <>
Fri Dec 9 19:35:59 CET 2016

Hi all,

Alpaca (formerly MLFE/ML-flavoured Erlang) v0.2.5 is now available.  Alpaca
is an ML-inspired functional programming language for the Erlang VM.

Source here:  https://github.com/alpaca-lang/alpaca
v0.2.5 tag:  https://github.com/alpaca-lang/alpaca/tree/v0.2.5

Big changes in this release:
- project rename
- early infix function support (operators, e.g. `|>`)
- patterns in function arguments (e.g. `opt_map f Some x = Some (f x)`)

Please see https://github.com/alpaca-lang/alpaca/blob/master/ChangeLog.org
for the full list of changes including contributors.

Please join us in the #alpaca-lang IRC channel on freenode for help and/or
discussion of the language and its direction.

Special thanks to everyone who participated in the renaming discussion and
in particular Tilman Holschuh for suggesting the name "Alpaca".

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