[erlang-questions] B-trees

Mikael Pettersson <>
Wed Dec 7 18:56:43 CET 2016

Walter Weinmann writes:
 > I would like to propose an EEP to implement a b-trees module similar
 > to gb-trees
 > but with pluggable persistence and pluggable sort functionality.
 > A first implementation is available under https://github.com/walter-weinmann
 > /b_trees.
 > Any interest?

Well, I'm working on something similar: B-trees with I/O handled by
user-provided callbacks; see <https://github.com/mikpe/btree>.

There are some TODOs related to tuning storage overheads and performance,
but apart from that it's complete for our use case.

As for having one in OTP: that would be nice, especially if OTP adds some
BIFs to speed up the page search and manipulation routines.

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