[erlang-questions] Idiomatically handling multiple validation checks

Richard A. O'Keefe <>
Tue Dec 6 23:59:27 CET 2016

Joe Duffy of Microsoft gave a talk about systems programming in C#.
(He worked on a project that built an operating system + utilities
in C#.)  The talk is at 

He had some interesting things to say about exceptions and errors.

* Exceptions are meant for recoverable errors;
   but many errors are not recoverable!
* A bug is an error the programmer didn't expect;
   a recoverable error is an expected condition,
   resulting from programmatic data validation.
* Treating bugs and recoverable errors homogeneously
   creates reliability problems.
* If you’re going to fail, do it fast.
* Exceptions [can] delay the inevitable and invite[] abuse.
* Fail-fast ensures bugs are caught promptly before they
   can do more damage.
* In [their] experience, 1:10 ratio of recoverable errors
   (exceptions) to bugs (fail-fast).

Apart from that, I really liked zxq9's response.

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