[erlang-questions] Troubling gen_tcp.send/3 performance

Matthew Shapiro <>
Mon Dec 5 18:17:06 CET 2016

Right now I"m sending 1 2500kbps video in and out.

Unfortunately, there's something (non-Erlang) wrong with something I'm
doing.  The A/V data that is being relayed must be getting mis-interpreted
by VLC somehow and VLC is trying to throttle down the TCP reads, which then
causes my Erlang process to get stuck in waiting on a gen_tcp.send() call.
So while I need to not do gen_tcp.send() and instead probably do
port_commands and drop frames if things are backed up, at the end of the
day things shouldn't be backed up like they are for a single 2500kbps video
over local host and I am apparently not-understanding something very
fundamental to either RTMP or video in general that's causing things to go

At least from this thread I know it's not Erlang and instead something on
my side (which truthfully I believed from the beginning, but at least I
have proof now :) ).

On Mon, Dec 5, 2016 at 11:05 AM, Max Lapshin <> wrote:

> How much traffic do you send at the moment?
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