[erlang-questions] [ANN] Zotonic 0.23 released

Marc Worrell <>
Mon Dec 5 16:14:02 CET 2016

Zotonic is the Erlang Content Management System and framework.

Zotonic version 0.23 has been released.
This is a maintenance release with mainly bug fixes.

For more information about Zotonic, see http://zotonic.com/

Short release notes:

	• Added delete interval (and completely disabling deleting) to files stored on S3 (#1493).
	• Added search rank weight configuration parameter (#1538).
	• Added editing of embedded collections in admin (#1520).
	• Added support for custom Google Analytics parameters (#1518).
	• Fixed consistency of log messages and log metadata (#1510).
	• Fixed ACL checks in admin (#1514).
	• Fixed embedding not allowed for non-admins (#1545).
	• Fixed initialization error in mod_acl_user_groups (#1505).
	• Fixed initial tab on connect modal (#1497).

See the full release notes at http://docs.zotonic.com/en/latest/developer-guide/releasenotes/rel_0.23.0.html

Kind regards,

The Zotonic core team.

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