[erlang-questions] Erlang.org website source code now on Github

Ilya Khaprov <>
Mon Dec 5 16:13:45 CET 2016

Hi Bruce,

Congratulations! Question: why OTP 17.5?


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Subject: [erlang-questions] Erlang.org website source code now on Github

Hello all

We have just released the source code for erlang.org<http://erlang.org/> website on Github.


The website is written in Cowboy, ErlyDTL and sumo_db. It is licensed under Apache License 2.0. You can follow the instructions to set up.

The erlang.org<http://erlang.org/> website is developed and maintained by Industrial Erlang User Group in collaboration with Erlang/OTP team at Ericsson.

Happy hacking!

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