[erlang-questions] Update Pid State on a Timer

zxq9 <>
Mon Dec 5 06:49:18 CET 2016

On 2016年12月4日 日曜日 21:39:17 you wrote:
> This is more directly related to the problem; tired eyes on my part just
> saw the return value - that will get you once you've ruminated on the
> above reply :)

I think it might be helpful for him to just walk procedurally through
what he intends to have happen to work out the early wonkiness of the
desired steps, and then start getting more messagy with things.

New paradigms can be mind melting.

As for finding Waldo... this message caught me at one of those moments
where I am knee-deep in the final rush through refactoring the inner
protocols in a medium-sized (but very busy) system, so I'm especially
tuned to spot the deadlock just now.


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