[erlang-questions] Troubling gen_tcp.send/3 performance

zxq9 <>
Mon Dec 5 01:54:09 CET 2016

On 2016年12月4日 日曜日 19:29:55 Matthew Shapiro wrote:
> Yeah I think I can safely say this is something to do with how VLC is
> functioning.  Even remotely I'm getting stuck in send, though not as bad,
> and looking at what's going on in the difference between VLC and Ffmpeg I
> believe my timestamps are being unexpected and both are reacting weirdly
> too it, with VLC trying to slow the feed down for whatever reason and that
> may be causing it to be slow to do a TCP read.  Shot in the dark but at
> least I know now that it's not an BEAM issue (and my time on this hasn't
> been to waste).
> So sorry for the thread when Erlang/Beam isn't at fault in the end :)

It is of peripheral interest to those of us here in the peanut gallery,
though -- everyone loves VLC, right? If you wouldn't mind I'd love to know
the resolution whenever you get things works out.

Have fun!


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